The Department of Law welcomes new Doctoral students

16 September 2022

Seven new doctoral students are admitted to the Department of Law in autumn 2022

Six of the seven new doctoral students at an introductory meeting at Juridicum. From left: Linnea Gullholmer, Kristina Borodina, Karwan Osmani, Annikka Arnemo Björk, Sofia Ekström and Anton Andersen

The Department of Law is pleased to welcome seven new Doctoral students to our popular doctoral education, after having been admitted in the latest annual doctoral student admission round and in a joint call with the Department of Business Studies.

Below is a presentation of the doctoral students and their projects.

Anton Andersen, Environmental Law

Main supervisor: Annika Nilsson
Assistant supervisor: Henrik Josefsson

Preliminary title of the thesis: Legal aspects of Swedish forestry

Large parts of Sweden are covered in forests and forestry is widespread. Forestry is generally considered vitally important for, amongst other things, the Swedish economy and for climate change mitigation.  In my dissertation I’m looking closer at the legal aspects of Swedish forestry from both an economic and a climate perspective.

Annikka Arnemo Björk, Criminal Law 

Main supervisor: Magnus Ulväng
Assistant supervisor: Gustaf Almkvist

Preliminary title of the thesis: The role of the victim in the assessment of liability in Swedish criminal law

The research project will examine how the assessment of the perpetrator’s liability is affected when the person who has suffered an unwanted consequence - the victim - has voluntarily taken a substantial risk. Criminal law is, for obvious reasons, primarily focused on the perpetrator's conduct, insights and motives. By examining patterns in Swedish criminal law dogmatics, and making visible what assumptions about the victim's responsibility and autonomy it relies upon, the objective is to contribute to a deeper understanding of the victim's place in Swedish criminal law.

Kristina Borodina, Private Law

Main supervisor: Erika P. Björkdahl
Assistant supervisor: Olle Lundin

Preliminary title of the thesis: Place collaboration for safe, secure and attractive public environments. Legal prerequisites and challenges

In short, place collaboration is a collective term for collaboration with the scope of creating secure, safe and attractive public environments in a defined geographical area. Actors involved within this type of the collaboration can e.g. be property owners, the Policy Authority, social services, other municipal departments, local businesses and local associations. The phenomenon challenges the boundary between what traditionally is considered to belong to the public sphere and what private actors are allowed to do.
Overall, place collaboration can mean questioning of the boundary between which area of responsibility and which tasks the public sector has and what falls onto private actors, but also the question arises if place collaboration can lead to an intertwining of the public the private sectors.

Sofia Ekström, Constitutional Law 

Main supervisor: Patrik Bremdal
Assistant supervisor: Jane Reichel

Preliminary title of the thesis: The Government’s power to steer the administration – an analysis based on constitutional theory

The purpose of this thesis is to investigate and analyze the Government’s power to steer the administration. The discussion will be placed within a theoretical framework to define and evaluate the power in the light of constitutional values and principles such as legality, democracy, popular sovereignty and constitutionalism. The aim is to give a deeper understanding of the Government’s power to steer the administration and to illustrate what legal challenges that may arise in today’s constitutional system and to discuss how these can be addressed.

Alice Grudd,  Fiscal Law

Main supervisor: Jan Bjuvberg
Assistant supervisor: Katia Cejie

A presentation of Alice's project will come this spring, when she begins her doctoral studies.



Linnea Gullholmer, Constitutional Law

Main supervisor: Anna Jonsson Cornell
Assistant supervisor: Jann Kleffner

Preliminary title of the thesis: War, threat of war and extraordinary conditions: constitutional concepts as a starting point for future crisis preparedness and total defense

The research project intends to clarify the legal interface between crisis and war. Based on three constitutional concepts, the goal is to show the effect that the government's decisions, or non-decisions, on war, danger of war and extraordinary conditions (heightened preparedness) have on the Swedish preparedness system. Government decisions lead to consequences for the Swedish society, as well as for the individual. Questions of legality, predictability, freedoms and rights are therefore interesting, not least due to the broad and complex image of threats that Sweden faces today.

Karwan Osmani, Jurisprudence

Main supervisor: Minna Gräns

Preliminary title of the thesis: Immanent tensions in the relationship between the categories of public and private in modern law

The economic and political crises of the recent years (the financial crisis, the political successes of so-called populist movements) illustrate deep-seated problems in the classic liberal social order. One of these problems relates to the liberal structuring of society along the lines of a certain theoretical and practical relation between the private (the market, economy, technocracy) and public (the state, politics, popular sovereignty) spheres. In my project I want to try and find out why the liberal relationship between these jurisprudential categories – public and private – is so unstable, and the possible normative consequences of this.

There is a great interest in the Department of Law's doctoral education. In the public announcements each year, a large number of applications are received from qualified applicants, of which 111 applications during the last application round.

Keep an eye on our website for our upcoming public announcement in November / December!

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