Lena Marcusson to investigate the handling of last year's refugee situation

3 October 2016

Professor Emerita in Administrative Law Lena Marcusson has recently been appointed expert counsel in an investigation that will document and analyse how Sweden has handled migration flows into the country, particularly those during the second half of 2015.

More people sought asylum in Sweden in 2015 than ever before. Not since the end of WWII has there been a situation like this, and the acceptance of refugees has in various ways posed significant challenges for the Swedish society.

The government has therefore now appointed a special commission to review the responsibilities, preparedness and handling of the government, public agencies, municipalities and counties regarding the situation, and to map out the sequence of events. What lessons can we draw from past experiences?

The commission will report by 28 February 2017.

Read more of the committee directive (Dir. 2016:47) - in Swedish
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