Uppsala law students have the opportunity to join the Human Rights Clinic

19 May 2017

In order to strengthen human rights protection, the Faculty of Law in Uppsala will continue its Human Rights Clinic, in cooperation with Civil Rights Defenders, during the 2017 fall semester. Students at the Uppsala Law Program are invited to send their application by 1 August 2017 in order to join the Clinic.

The Human Rights Clinic, which will commence on the 24th of August, is financed by VINNOVA. It aims to create a framework for cooperation between researchers, teachers, students and civil society organizations working for human rights protection for the most vulnerable groups in our society.

Students at the Uppsala’s Law Program who have completed term 6 or the equivalent are welcome to send in an application for participation in the Clinic, no later than 1 August 2017.

The Clinic consists of workshops introducing students to advanced legal writing skills, legal research, advocacy and professional ethics. In parallel with the workshops, students will work on actual cases provided by the Civil Rights Defenders. The fall semester will have two tracks: the first will focus on discrimination and compulsory care of children, and the second will focus on migration law, especially rights of unaccompanied children.  

An application including a personal letter stating why you wish to join the Human Rights Clinic, together with your grades and a writing sample (in English or Swedish) should be emailed to anna.jonsson_cornell@jur.uu.se no later than 1 August 2017.

The Clinic is not part of the Faculty’s Law Program or individual courses. Ii is an extra-curricular activity and hence does not provide any academic credits.

All questions should be addressed to anna.jonsson_cornell@jur.uu.se.

Welcome to apply by 1 August 2017!


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