New Academic Network on Family Law in Europe

19 mars 2019

At a recently held meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the network “Family Law in Europe: An Academic Network, FL-EUR”, was established, including both academics and public officers in the field of family and law, from 28 European jurisdictions.

The purpose of FL-EUR is a close academic cooperation amongst the experts, as well as between the experts and other stakeholders in the field of family and law, aimed at

  • accumulation and dissemination of knowledge of both family law in the books and in action;
  • promotion of comparative and multidisciplinary research and education in the field of family and law;
  • learning from one another’s experiences; and finally,
  • providing up-to-date comparative data for European, supranational and national bodies.

FL-EUR activities will in general be aimed at substantive family law, child law, and the law of persons and related subjects of inheritance law. The network intends to spread the results of its work through organising conferences and seminars, open-access publication of national reports and articles and published books.

Participant from the Faculty of Law in Uppsala is currently Margareta Brattström, Professor in Private Law. As the network expands, more academics from different fields of research at the faculty will be involved in FL-EUR.