Winner of essay competition on victims of crime

4 november 2021

Former student at the Department of Law at Uppsala University, Armin Khajehdehi, receives third prize in the annual academic paper competition Brottsoffer i fokus [Victims of crime in focus].

The three winners out of this year’s total of 32 entries in the annual academic paper competition on victims of crime were chosen recently. Third prize and SEK 5,000 went to Armin Khajehdehi at the Department of Law for the paper “Skadestånd i gränsöverskridande brottmål – Internationellt privat- och processrättsliga frågor om domsrätt och lagval” [Damages in cross-border criminal cases – International private and procedural law issues of jurisdiction and choice of law]. 

The paper examines damages in cross-border criminal cases in relation to the international jurisdiction of courts and questions of choice of law. The results of the study reported in the paper show that there are uncertainties about the jurisdiction of Swedish courts and choice of law, as well as the interaction with provisions in EU law. These uncertainties can lead to legal uncertainty. The paper also contains a review of the Swedish Crime Victim Authority’s handling of criminal injury compensation cases with links abroad. The author argues that how to assess damages in such cases needs to be clarified in Sweden’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Act (brottsskadelagen).

Supervisor: Associate Professor Marie Linton

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