Research project analyses Protestant Legacies in Nordic Law

14 september 2016

The new research project "Protestant Legacies in Nordic Law: Uses of the Past in the Construction of the Secularity of Law" (ProNoLa) is to examine the relations between Lutheran traditions and the development of secular law in the Nordic region in the course of the last 500 years.

A grant of SEK 8.2 million has now made it possible for theologists and lawyers in the Nordic Countries to pursue comparative studies of sources important to church and legal history. The researchers involved in the the project intend to look into the significance of protestantism for the secular Nordic concept of law and will also investigate the influence of minorities in both modern times and from a historical perspective.

The Swedish group of researchers in ProNoLa consists of Associate Professor Anna-Sara Lind (Department of Law, Uppsala University), Juris Doctor Victoria Enkvist (Department of Law, Uppsala University), Associate Professor Cecilia Wejryd (Department of Theology) and Professor Emeritus Kjell-Åke Modéer (Department of Law, Lund University).

The project research team and 17 other European research groups are part of 'HERA - Humanities in the European Research Area.' This is an international network united by the theme 'Uses of the Past'. The research programme, costing a total of EUR 21 million, is to be paid for by the network and the European Commission. More information is available by the link below.

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