Petra Herzfeld Olsson to receive a research grant of nearly SEK 1 million

2 december 2016

The Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy (IFAU) has just announced this year's grant-winners. Recipients include Petra Herzfeld Olsson, Associate Professor of Private Law and Senior Lecturer in international labour law at the Faculty of Law, who is receiving SEK 800,000.

Petra Herzfeld Olsson is receiving the grant for the project "Terms of employment for highly skilled migrant workers" ("Högkvalificerade arbetskraftsmigranters anställningsvillkor"), which aims to investigate the wage levels and other terms of employment that legislation stipulates highly skilled migrant workers should have when conducting work in Sweden, and the wage levels and other terms of employment they are offered in reality.

IFAU, a research institute under the Swedish Ministry of Employment to promote, support and conduct follow-ups and evaluations through research, distributes SEK 6 million annually in research grants for research in labour market and education policy.