The strong research environment at the Faculty is an important requirement for our popular education model. Want to be part of this dynamic environment for a few years? Welcome to apply to our doctoral education!

Want to become a doctoral student?

A doctoral degree in law is the highest possible educational degree in Sweden. At Juridicum a doctoral education is offered in 15 research topics and nine private law subfields. The programme, which is of very high quality, prepares you for qualified positions in academia, industry, government and society in general.

Detailed information is provided in the general study plan regarding the purpose and contents of the doctoral education. In addition, details about the eligibility requirements are provided for those wishing to apply for doctoral studies, as well as the rules relating to supervision, follow-up, financing and examination.

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Any questions?

Do you want to know more about our doctoral education? Please email your questions to

or contact 

  • Director of Studies, Martin Berglund
  • Research Administrator Maria Cicilaki or
  • The Chair of the Doctoral Student Council, Sara Holmström (for questions relating to how it is to be a doctoral student, and regarding the activities of the Doctoral Student Council).
Last modified: 2023-08-29