Administrative Law

The research has a broad focus on projects concerning general administrative law and municipal law, and parts of the specific administrative law. The research includes aspects of European law and environmental law as well as police law, educational law and discrimination issues.

The researchers cooperate actively with other research environments within and outside the subject jurisprudence and participate in investigations and receive tasks from authorities and organisations. They contribute to the knowledge building through textbooks and anthologies, among other things, in cooperation with other researchers.

Current research

During later years the research has concerned organisation, governance and control of the public administration, disqualification in administrative procedure, discrimination, and corruption as well as the significance of the EU membership for the Swedish administration.

Among current research projects we can mention the projects: disqualification in public administration, res judicata in administrative law, and corruption from a public law perspective.

Another project deals with the consequences of the European influences for the Swedish administration model and the Swedish administrative authorities’ position when carrying out EU law. The project on the legal position of Swedish Universities concerens the Swedish development in the field from a comparative Scandinavian perspective.


Olle Lundin
Lotta Lerwall


The Swedish Agency for Public Management
The Swedish National Audit Office
European Group of Public Law

Research Projects

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