Constitutional Law

The research in constitutional law is focused on institutional matters, questions of governing, controlling and analysing rights issues. The subject has inherent cross-border characteristics.

One important effort is to connect to other public law subjects in a broad sense, as well as to procedural and private law regulations.

The connection to international law and European law is strong, especially since these juridical systems’ influences on the Swedish juridical system are the focus in a large part of the research within the subject.

The researchers actively collaborate with other research environments in both jurisprudence and other fields of science. They also take part in investigative tasks, in authorities’ educational activities, and write textbooks on the subject.

Current research

The institutionally focused research has lately focused on courts and judges, the role of the council of state in the legislative work, and the constitutional committee’s role in the constitution.

In the field of government and control, the research has revolved around civil servants' position and how changes have affected the administration as an enabler of the state's policies. They also study how so called judicial review should be understood in today’s juridical system. In regards of protection of rights, the focus has been on freedom of trade and ownership, the position of social rights, freedom of religion and its significance, as well as studies of freedom of speech.


Anna Jonsson Cornell


Research Projects

Last modified: 2023-10-10