Labour Law

Research is geared towards trends in both international and national labour law. Evolution of EU law and its interplay with labour law and the employment market in Sweden and the other Nordic countries are a strong focus area. The purpose is to generate knowledge and understanding of how the rules of labour law are emerging in an integrated Europe, and of how this law interacts with transnational business enterprise and an international labour market.

Academics in Uppsala’s labour law environment are active in networking and collaboration among Nordic and European researchers in labour law and labour market relations. One aim is to stimulate cooperation and exchange of ideas among researchers, public agencies and other interested groups in this subject area, thereby helping to improve decision data for national and international decision-makers. The ambition is to integrate topical problems and issues in long-term activities.

Current research

Current research projects are for example Einar Del Frate’s doctoral thesis that investigates the regulation of economic dismissals from a comparative perspective which includes the Swedish and the Italian context. The aim of the study is to understand the effects of the financial crisis and the reformed EU economic governance on national regulation of employment protection in the event of dismissal for economic reasons, and on how those effects are reflected in the legal discourse. The analysis also draws on a constitutional perspective which is used as a frame of reference for describing the national regulations at issue and as an investigation tool for the comparative inquiry.


Mikael Hansson


Uppsala Center for Labor Studies (UCLS)
The Nordic Network of Labour Law Scholars (NNLLS)


Research Projects

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