Private International Law and International Civil Procedure

Private international law and international civil procedure can be described as “the international law of private persons”. This discipline of law covers the entire private law field, but with focus on issues such as the determination of the competent national court, the choice of the applicable law and the effect of foreign judgments in another jurisdiction.

Our research has primarily two aims. The first is analysing and contributing to the development of the new European Union rules on private international law. Apart from creating knowledge about and insight into the new union rules in Sweden, the goal is to actively contribute to the Europeanisation process of the subject among leading European scholars.

The second aim is to create tools for the challenges caused by the current globalisation process, such as Sweden’s and Europe’s, in general, transformation into multi-cultural societies. Of special interest in this respect is the impact of religion.

Current research

The research concerns contractual and non-contractual issues according to EU’s Rome I and Rome II Regulations, cross-border litigation in commercial and family law matters, in particular divorce and custody disputes, human rights aspects in cross-border litigation, Muslim law on marriage and inheritance in a private international law context, issues of competition law issues as well as aspects of international arbitration and enforcement of foreign judgments.


Marie Linton
Mosa Sayed


Government Offices of Sweden
The Impact of Religion
The Hague Academy of International Law
Commission on European Family Law

Research Projects

Last modified: 2022-06-30