Private Law

Research in private law at the faculty is extensive, comprehensive and covers fundamental topics within both traditional and modern private law.

An important field of study is how the interaction between individuals develops and relate to the social and conceptual changes in modern society. Important questions are, among others, how the privatisation of society’s previous welfare responsibilities affects individual’s rights, how societal structures influence relations between parties, liability issues and funding forms, as well as how the Swedish or Nordic model will hold in an internationalised world.

In addition to wide-ranging research concerning the private law regulation, there are also studies in how changes in ideas can affect the juridical argumentation and how the legal solutions thus are legitimatised and valued from a social perspective.

Choose one of our 9 private law subfields if you want to know more about these fields of research.

Private Law subfields:

► General Private Law
► Labour Law
► Tort and Insurance Law
► Family Law
► Real Property Law
► Intellectual Property Law and
    Market Law

► Capital Market Law
► Property and Insolvency Law
► Language and Discourse Dimensions


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