Public Law

Public law is the study of the law that regulates the public and the public in relation to individuals. The subject mainly covers constitutional law and administrative law, and one could state that public law is today considered to include European law and human rights. Medical law, migration law, and parts of environmental law are also included in public law – subjects that are rooted in what is usually called special administrative law. In order to offer a broad and stimulating seminar environment, the researchers collaborate within the various subjects in a joint higher seminar in public law.

Public law researchers collaborate actively with other research environments within and outside of legal science. We also participate in investigations and receive assignments from authorities and organisations. Through textbooks and anthologies, we contribute to the building of knowledge.

We work to secure broad and deep research with a base in public law (incl. administrative law and constitutional law) in relation to European law and international law as well as the development of human rights. We stand for practical relevant research that also shows theoretical and methodological awareness.

The Department of Law is the host institution for the cross-faculty Institute for Education Law and the Center for Police Research, where several of the researchers in public law have leading assignments and participate as researchers. We also collaborate multidisciplinary under CIRCUS and at other forums and centers at Uppsala University.

Current research

At the faculty, there are projects in public law with both national and international perspectives. Ongoing projects deal with artificial intelligence, data protection and personal privacy (information issues), governance of public administration, supervisory issues, sanctions issues, welfare state law, medical law and psychiatric law, and citizenship issues.

Several of the researchers in public law are also involved in various government assignments that deal with creating educational materials and training public employees in human rights.


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