Public Law

Public law covers mainly constitutional law and administrative law, but also parts of environmental law, international law, medical law, and European law. In order to be able to offer a broad and stimulating seminar environment the researchers in the different subjects cooperate in a common higher seminar on public law.

In this overview, mainly cross-subject research is presented. For more information, please see the other research subjects.

The researchers in public law actively cooperate with other research environments within and outside the field of jurisprudence. They also take part in investigations and do work for authorities and organisations. They contribute to the knowledge building through textbooks and anthologies.

Collaborations in public law have been initiated with connections to the Centre for Police Research that was opened at the university one year ago, where the Faculty of Law is host faculty. There is also a subject comprehensive cooperation in the form of joint seminar activities with the Supreme Administrative Court and the Administrative Court of Appeal in Stockholm.

Current research

One European law project in public law deals with the execution and control of European rights in the Swedish constitutional context. Another project regards retroactivity and res judicata in social security law, and one additional project deals with judicial review in Swedish courts during the 21st century according to European law and form of government.

In environmental law there are several projects with focus on environmental administrative law and European law issues, e.g. projects on state control of environmentalactions, execution of environmental law from a European perspective, and about res judicata of environmental law permits.


Anna-Sara Lind
Olle Lundin


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