Real Property Law

Research about real property law focuses on different issues such as society building and constitutional aspects, acquisition questions, right of use to real property and landed estate, water enterprises, credit and insolvency questions, as well as tax aspects.

Land and water are the foundation for more or less all human activity. Major parts of the law that regulates land and water constitute real property law in a wide sense.

Traditionally Swedish real property law has been a part of private law. Today research on real property is also a central moment in several other fields of law, e.g. environmental law and constitutional law. The purpose of the research is to generate knowledge that provides a basis for a comprehensive discussion about the effect, function, and purpose. Thus, the research can be used as basis for national and international decision makers.

At the faculty we have the Real Estate Research Institute (Institutet för fastighetsrättslig forskning, IFF), which is the hub in this collaboration. Through textbooks, commentaries, and participation in courses, the researchers contribute to the competence in real property law in their society.

Current research

Among the subject fields that have been studied in the research during the last years we can mention condominiums, security issues, as well as compensation for expropriation and the right of property.

Research in real property law is conducted subject-covering and in collaboration with national and international networks.


Marc Landeman


Institutet för fastighetsrättslig forskning


The Common Core of European Private Law
Department of Real Estate and Construction Management, KTH

Research Projects

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