Tort and Insurance Law

The research in this field concerns damage compensation in tort and insurance law, where the major part of the research covers the former area. The aim is to analyse the theoretical foundations and practical applications within the entire field of the now increased number of sub-fields that this dynamic subject includes.

An important subject for research is the detailed close studying of the development of the national law and the European discourse’s effect via EU law, ECHR compensation law, and various Soft Law projects.

The research group aims are to contribute with theoretical, historical, critical, and pragmatic efforts of understanding, so that the national development and international conformation of the research field can be facilitated and qualitatively improved.

The researchers are working on broadening the classical subject, so that the modern law of damage compensation can be illustrated in a varied way. An example of this is the ambition to study the “new” areas in this field, where different sanction systems have been built, e.g. compensation for discrimination, the European Convention's sanction system, compensation of crime victims, and the border fields of contractual law.

Current research

A exampel of current research is a recently completed project concerning the development lines of tort law. The project focuses on close readings of the applications and changes of the damage compensation discourse during the 21st century.

A new thesis on compensation for victims of crime has been put forward and will be followed up in coming projects. One of these will deal with issues of compensation regulations in these types of non-pecuniary damages.

Furthermore, the argumentation according to “rights” in private law will be studied, and a research project concerning private law and slavery, and human trafficking will be initiated. In addition, a new thesis project on compensation for discrimination has been initiated.


Håkan Andersson


Nätverket för skadestånds- och försäkringsrättslig forskning
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European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law, Wien
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