De lege

The Faculty of Laws publication series 


The Faculty of Law has a publication series called “De lege”, with a newly published book every year.

The aim of the series is to disseminate legal research. The emphasis is often on research carried out by researchers working at the Faculty of Law in Uppsala, but legal researchers at Swedish and foreign universities have also contributed over the years. No legal subject is alien to De lege. It may include, for example, the legal history, legal philosophy, public international law, criminal law, private law, civil and criminal procedural law, public law, European law, environmental law, and fiscal law.

High scientific quality

The aim is that the volumes of De lege meet high standards of scientific quality and that the published contributions have undergone extensive scientific and linguistic review.

Mattias Dahlberg, Professor of
Fiscal Law and current editor of De lege.

Each volume normally has one or more editors who are responsible for the planning and implementation of the book project. There is one editor who has overall responsibility for the series. The editors of the series have been Professors Per Henrik Lindblom, Nils Jareborg and Petter Asp. The current editor of the series is Professor Mattias Dahlberg.

Published volumes of De lege can be ordered via Iustus Förlag.

Last modified: 2023-01-16