Strategic initiatives

Current investments in selected research environments

A number of research initiatives are currently in progress at the Faculty. The purpose is to strengthen and expand the Faculty's research profile and to secure its position as a leading research institution nationally and internationally.

Joint project in Migration Law

The research environment Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network (L/UMIN) is a joint project between the law faculties at Uppsala University and Lund University with the purpose of highlighting and developing migration law in Sweden. The research at the environment addresses both international and national aspects of migration law and includes both doctoral and postdoctoral projects. A number of senior researchers are also associated with the environment, which recently received a grant from the European Refugee Fund.

► Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network website

International Business Taxation

For some years now there has been focus on the topic International Business Taxation as part of a program professorship. The focus of the research is to examine how the taxation of companies and their employees is affected in an increasingly globalized economy.

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Medical Law

Research in medical law at the Faculty is growing. Uppsala is today a Centre for this field in Sweden, and has for several years coordinated Nordic research collaboration. In this field the juridical aspects of for example health care, biomedical research, forensic medicine and the pharmaceutical field are studied.

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EU Police Cooperation

Since 2009 there is ongoing focus on police cooperation across EU borders, as part of a program professorship. There are a large number of research issues related to criminal law, criminal procedural law. constitutional law, administrative law and European law associated with this field.

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Development of Sanctions of Law

The direction which ties together criminal law, international law, certain parts of civil law, EC/EU law and human rights, is an initiative within the framework of a program professorship. The research focuses among other things on summarizing and analyzing the development of criminal law and "criminal law resembling" sanctions in Sweden, the Nordic countries and the EU.

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Last modified: 2022-03-11